Sunday, 16 March 2008

DD1'S note pad

I made a cheap and cheerful notepad into a little giftie for DD1 as she needs to keep a record of her ours at her weekend job , she hasnt been there long, but i am sure the new management would fiddle his granny! its really heart breaking when a hard working 17 ( nearly 18 yr old )just wants to work and cant get the hours! Hopefully she will pass her test third time lucky ( what do you do when you cant reverse round a corner? ) she has saved her hard earned and bought a little run around, so world will open up to her, and she could find real employment a little futher afield.

1 comment:

  1. Love the cow! My daughter failed her driving test recently - speeding and not using mirrors enough. The first test was cancelled due to her not taking the paper part of her licence. She also has her own car and I cant wait for her to pass so that I'm relieved of my chauffeuring duties!