Saturday, 9 October 2010

Music saves my Soul Saturday Erasure Solsbury Hill Live EIS

Hello all... its the weekend ...hooray !
Just wanted to quickly post this

Its an idea from the lovely Marcea ... to post our fav tunes here on a Saturday . What a fabby idea... I love , love , love music... I drive with music , go to the gym , do the ironing .. you name it ! i feel so uplifted even on the most miserable of days with a little music. You can join in the fun over here .. , on Marcea's blog..
so here is one of my all time fav's


  1. Oh I love this cover! I haven't listened to this disc in ages. Thanks for reminding me to give it another listen.

  2. Erasure is one of my (probably the) most favourite bands! I saw them a long long time ago (1989!) at the GMex in Manchester and we were about 6 foot from the stage - FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!