Saturday, 12 March 2011

Music saves my soul Saturday- Snoop dogg "Boom"

Here we are its Saturday again.. Time for the lovely Marcea's "Music  saves  my soul Saturday"
I have used the new tune from Snoop Dogg as it uses a sampler from Yazoo's "Situation".
I live it .. pop over to Marcea's blog and add yours ... and get jiggy !!
Hugs xx


  1. yeah ..... I almost chose this one myself ... we sooooo need to go for a drink and dance - fab taste in music :o)

  2. and here's me bustin' moves ;o)) great song xx

  3. Thanks for sharing the video and song with us :)

  4. Sensational card!! Love it!
    Can you pop back to the Southern Girls Challenge blog and post/link your entry again. When we click on it, it takes us to our own blog, SGC. I came here through your comment in the comments box.
    Cheers, Sue (SGC)

  5. I guess I'm too old to like this music (I mean an oldmusic-heart with a feel for 60's-70's music :D!) but I like to listen to everybody's choice. And I bet Marcea liked it :))))

    I'm very curious what you think of my choice this week (a little late). They started out liked by all the young girls but their mothers picked them up as well...I bet that's not because of their high standerd songs :D This song sounds very happy and was their biggest hit for so far.

    XOXO Renata

  6. Fun song! I sooo want to go dancing!