Thursday, 31 January 2008

And finally...

I made these from my qvc tsv. Paper nation, really quite cute

Busy, busy, busy

These are made with my new cuttlebug and my ellison bargains i got off their web site sale, especially the monkey tales alphabet set. Made in the stylie of one I made for my Mum-in-law for ryan (my step-son her grandson .confused?)


Only two posts in and I am already slacking, vowing to keep my blog up to date... Where does time go? However have managed to make some cards when not at work. This one was for my daughters friends 16th birthday. Made with pinkpetticoat papers (which i luuurve!)and lola rose images

Monday, 21 January 2008

New Year in Scotland

As promised a jazzy header ... not very craft orientated but its a start. hey, i must be getting the hang of things.. a header, a counter, and some tunes. My girls do laugh at me, but although i am not a technophobe i became the owner of a p.c .only 6 years ago.I try telling my two that i.t. studies didn't exist when I went to school. Hey-ho, at least it entertains the little darlins, LOL !Anyway the point of my title was its a pic yours truly took in Scotland over the New Year. DH and I love to go there , and the snow was so beautiful. I am not an expert photographer , I just point and click, but if I do say so myself they aren't bad . I have promised myself to try and take more pics this year, as I have stumbled on the blogs of some talented ladies who have what it takes with the old camera... one lady in particular is Kirsty Wiseman, who's blog is a great read, so along with some very talented card-making gals out there, they finally gave me the inspiration to do a blog myself. So hopefully i will get down to putting some of my card creations on here, and joining in a few dares....and if you are still awake after that ...well done !

Friday, 18 January 2008


Well, here it is . after weeks of deliberation...a blog of my own. Where to start...Mmmmmm. The best place to start is at the beginning. I am a 39 year old mum of two teenage girls, married to John(for two and a half sweet years)...and i am passionate about cardmaking!! Anyways.. plan is to join in with all this technojumble and hope i get the hang of it! I guess with a little guidance from my girls on which button does what i will get there and things will take shape. LOL! There is so many talented people out there, with breathtaking creations, I haved mooched for many an hour . Maybe one day i will pluck up the courage to join in . So, heres to my first instalment, I willbe back, as they say, with more about me ... and maybe a little bling for my header. Tooodles !

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