Monday, 21 January 2008

New Year in Scotland

As promised a jazzy header ... not very craft orientated but its a start. hey, i must be getting the hang of things.. a header, a counter, and some tunes. My girls do laugh at me, but although i am not a technophobe i became the owner of a p.c .only 6 years ago.I try telling my two that i.t. studies didn't exist when I went to school. Hey-ho, at least it entertains the little darlins, LOL !Anyway the point of my title was its a pic yours truly took in Scotland over the New Year. DH and I love to go there , and the snow was so beautiful. I am not an expert photographer , I just point and click, but if I do say so myself they aren't bad . I have promised myself to try and take more pics this year, as I have stumbled on the blogs of some talented ladies who have what it takes with the old camera... one lady in particular is Kirsty Wiseman, who's blog is a great read, so along with some very talented card-making gals out there, they finally gave me the inspiration to do a blog myself. So hopefully i will get down to putting some of my card creations on here, and joining in a few dares....and if you are still awake after that ...well done !

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