Saturday, 29 March 2008

Baby Girl Card

thought it was about time i used this yummy and oh so cute magnolia stamp...

My Sketch Book

I thought it would be a good idea to make a little note book to keep all these lovely sketches i find when i am blog hopping because i can never remember them when i

get down into my den..


HELLO...just posted my entry to cute card thursday.... if keep having a go i never know...Well , at last the siberian temps seems to have lost there grip, but a lovely start to the morning ended in a blustery rainy afternoon. So, off down the garden i meandered to my little summerhouse..its warm and cosy and i had chance to make a few things. So many birthdays this month..9 dads just gone ..25th march ) dd2 on 6th april, fil on 4th and michelle who is good friend and god-mother to my two on the 5th. But , dd2's friend sam shares the same day, and dd2 is off to laser quest with her on sun. so, i made a little something for her, which came in handy for ccthurs too ! I have also created a little note book to go with, hope sam likes it.


Hello...this is my entry to cute card thursday #3 people...i missed last weeks but there sure seems to be some really purdy candy on offer on this blog. great stuff girls..keep it up !

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I have spend seemingly hours mooching on various blogs to try and decide what is the best way of colouring in your images ...copics look lush but are expensive... prisma i cannot seem to be able to purchase in uk , so from where?..and the need sansador ,dont they and stumps..?? some one sugested koh-i-noor woodless, on the same principle or do i go for watercolour crayons like the lovely liz uses in pink petticoat and buy some inkjet fixative?? aaarggghhhhh! the more you look the more confused u get ! I would be curious to know what yoy folks would recommend !? Lis :)

anniversary card

just a quick always...i just wanted to show this pearl anniversary card i made for some good friends of ours Trev & Kath....30 years ... well done !

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cute Card Thursday

This is my entry for this lovely new blog. I will enjoy following it as cute is just my taste. There is some v. v. talented people and it lovely to spend time blog hopping and gain a little inspiration. I am still quite a novice and havent totally got the ang of adding links and stuff but.. i will, and i can list lots of yummy blogs i have found while i have been mooching. Thanks girls.

DD1'S note pad

I made a cheap and cheerful notepad into a little giftie for DD1 as she needs to keep a record of her ours at her weekend job , she hasnt been there long, but i am sure the new management would fiddle his granny! its really heart breaking when a hard working 17 ( nearly 18 yr old )just wants to work and cant get the hours! Hopefully she will pass her test third time lucky ( what do you do when you cant reverse round a corner? ) she has saved her hard earned and bought a little run around, so world will open up to her, and she could find real employment a little futher afield.

Dads Birthday

well .. what can i say.. where have i been..? lots of extra hours at work, and all the ever increasing mundane housework and errands as usual . tbh i didnt think it was that long. One trick is to get on pc between everyone else. DH has bought DD2 her own world of warcraft account for her birthday on 6th April. so with DD1 doing her myspace organising her social life.. and DD2 , i cant get beeping on most of the time. Of course there is our pc but DH has wow permanently onthere ... living breathing the game . those of you out there who have the same problem having a wow gamer in the family feel my pain. lol!

Any how Dads birthday on 25th of march so heres his card , i am safe ,they dont blog, well not yet... trying to get Mum started for the bengal cats they own, show and breed .

Thursday, 13 March 2008



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