Saturday, 29 March 2008


HELLO...just posted my entry to cute card thursday.... if keep having a go i never know...Well , at last the siberian temps seems to have lost there grip, but a lovely start to the morning ended in a blustery rainy afternoon. So, off down the garden i meandered to my little summerhouse..its warm and cosy and i had chance to make a few things. So many birthdays this month..9 dads just gone ..25th march ) dd2 on 6th april, fil on 4th and michelle who is good friend and god-mother to my two on the 5th. But , dd2's friend sam shares the same day, and dd2 is off to laser quest with her on sun. so, i made a little something for her, which came in handy for ccthurs too ! I have also created a little note book to go with, hope sam likes it.

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